Gremo Forwarder 950R - Technical Data



7 895 mm

Width, with 600 wheels

2 600 mm

Transport height

3 445 mm

Weight approx.

11 185 kg

Fuel tank

101 litres



Deutz 4-cylinder, water-cooled.

Displacement (litres)

4,8 litres

Torque (Nm) at rpm


Power output kW (HP) at rpm



Electronically-adjustable constant speed

Standard equipment (might difffer on previous machines)

  • Pneumatic compressor, air gun
  • 12 V and 24 V electrical sockets in cab.
  • 24 V electrical socket by fuel tank.
  • Drive can be engaged/disengaged when in motion.
  • Hydraulic ladder.
  • Two tool compartments, special tools.
  • Tyres: Trelleborg 600/50x22.5
  • Sprinkler equipment and two hand-held extinguishers.
  • Odometer and speedometer.
  • Centre section locking with automatic actuation.
  • Engine pre-heating
  • Low-level side lighting 2x4x70W
  • Rear lighting unit with workinglights and direction indicators/tail lights.
  • Cruisecontrol

Steering system

Power-assisted steering..

Off-road steering with separate mini control lever.

Steering torque

max. 42 kNm

Steering angle

± 43°

Outer turning radius

7,50 m

Outer turning radius with bogie lift

6,35 m


  • Powershift gearbox.
  • Hydrostatic transmission with computerbased power control system.
  • Separate system, completely in de pendent of operating hydraulics. Tank with electrical replenishment via filter.
  • Tank med elektrisk påfyllning via filter.
  • Cast, ball-race mounted Geardriven bogies.
  • Hub reduction for each wheel.
  • Foot pedals for forward/reverse and driving speed.
  • Warning system with error messages in plain text and audible/visible signals.
  • Computer troubleshooting/fault tracing system.
  • Separate, electrically-operated dif ferential locks with 100% locking.

Power-shift two-stage gearbox.

Gear 0-9,1 km/h
Gear 0-25 km/h

Brake system

  • Four multi-disc, oil-immersed brakes in front and rear differentials.
  • Transmission brake with braking effect equal to tractive power.
  • Parking and emergency brake which actuates all brakes, and with automatic engagement when in neutral.

Operating hydraulics

  • Load-sensing system, entirely in de pendent of hydrostatic system.
  • Tank with electrical replenishment via filter.

Variable pump

105 cc

Operating pressure

210 bar

Electrical system


24 V


2x750 A starting current.


100 A

Working lights

12, of which two have double bulbs.


Driving lights according to statutory requirements.

Load carrier

  • Three removable bunks with separate uprights.
  • Centre and rear bunks can be adjusted as required.
  • Hydraulic gate (electrically operated).

Loading capacity

9,5-10 tonnes.

Load area

4,1/3,3 m².

Alternative cargo areas

Timber 3,3-3,5 m²
Pulp 3,8-4,3 m²


  • Equipped with Electronic Climate Control (ECC).
  • Roof hatch.
  • Roof hatch, rear window and rear side windows of Lexan Margard.
  • Front and forward side windows of tinted glass.
  • Windscreen wiper with intermittent function and parallel action front and rear, one-touch button for single wipe.
  • Radio/CD player with four speakers.
  • Electrically-heated driver's seat with pneumatic suspension, seatbelt and headrest.
  • Seat rotation with electrical braking device.
  • Rear view mirror and sun visor.
  • Prepared for mobile telephone installation, incl. aerial.

Optional equipment

  • Bogie lift with independent control of left/right sides.
  • Sun blinds.
  • Crane:
    Loglift 51 F 8,7 m.
    Loglift 59 F 7,2 alt. 8,5 m, with or without tilt.
    Cranab CRF6 7,0 alt. 9,0 m.
  • Tyres:650/45x22,5 or 710/50x22,5
  • Camera, front/rear. (b/w or colour)
  • Bogie tracks/traction aids.
  • Hydraulic clam bunk
  • 3 tonne rear winch.
  • Seat tilt.
  • Xeon workinglights.

We reserve the right to change specification and design. The machines shown in the illustrations can be equipped with extras. All measures and values are approximate and apply to a standard machine.