Gremo Forwarder 750F

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Gremo 750F - high comfort and operating reliability

Forwarder 750FGremo 750F is a small forwarder designed for comfort and a low unladen weight. With a high level of comfort and exceptional operating reliability all types of thinning are profitable for you as the user.

This lightweight and resourceful forwarder is perfect for all types of thinning work. Wetlands are no obstacle – just fit the bogie tracks front and back and the machine will just drive on.

750F has a powerful Cummins engine featuring common-rail technology. The engine satisfies tier-3b requirements and has a torque in excess of 600 Nm over a wide speed range. In addition to the engine’s strength, it is also light, compact and silent.

In the forwarder you will find our proprietary software GreControl. GreControl makes it easy to adapt multiple functions according the driving style, crane type and work. The smart functions also make it easier to reduce fuel consumption and increase profitability.