GREMO Forwarder 950R

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GREMO 950R - Grows with the forest

Skotare 950RThe Gremo 950R was built during the years between 2000 and 2005.

The Gremo 950 R has been designed primarily for use in thinning, being compact and convenient. But it is also big and strong enough to take a load of up ten tonnes, so it can be used for fi nal-felling on a mo dest scale. The supreme fl exibility of the 950 R means it finds many applications!

In the case of the Gremo 950 R it's perfectly accurate to talk about power to spare! The new engine delivers 111 kW/151 hp at 2200 rpm, with an impressively fl at torque curve, peaking at 520 Nm at 1400 rpm. So you always have power there to call on. All of which is perfectly in tune with our philosophy that it must be the driver who decides the limits, not the machine. On a clear day you can see for ever. Well, that's how it seems sometimes when you get into the driver's seat of the Gremo 950 R. Excellent vision all round is supplemented by the roof window for better crane control, when working with high timber stacks, for example.