Company Presentation

On the Swedish market for many years Gremo has been in the lead in the 8-10 tonnes load category. The key to success you find at Ätran, Falkenberg community.

What we deal with belongs to the most precious assets in this world, forst and people. Our challenge is to make you feel comfortable with our machines, but also to develop, manufacture and sell forest machines causing as little damage as possible in the forest without renouncing efficiency and performance We are a bit on the way. Not less than 95% of our customers buy a Gremo machine again. If you are not one of them, maybe you have missed something?

For utilizing the knowledge and experience of all staff members we have decided to gather all competence under the same roof, where theorists and practicians co-operate with the aim to produce machines yielding best possible use for our customers. The fact that our customers often visit our ultramodern factory results in invaluable feedback to our designers, fitters, inspectors etc. direct from the user.

Nearness to the customer also means nearness to service. All around Sweden and the European countries we have established contract-bound service shops, all special-trained to offer best possible service to our customers. We therefore arrange at our factory Ätran regular meetings for the service technicians from our most important markets, that is Sweden, of course, but also Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland and Austria. Language does not offer any problem - the demands on service-friendlyness, quality and safety are the same whatever country you come from. And that we do know at Gremo.

You are always welcome to see us for discussion of our machines. And if there is not sufficient time, you are welcome to contact us in another way, for instance via our contact page.


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