Towards those customers matching our motto "We consider having concluded business with a customer not until we have realized a second sale to him"

If you meet the demands specified further down and are not yet a member of the GREMO VIP group of customers, please contact us and we will help you.

To enter the VIP pages you have to log in.


Condition for membership:

  • 2 Gremo machines of which at least one purchased from Gremo (you do not have to own two machines at the same time).
  • Joint owner or family member actively participating in the daily forest work become member automatically.Employed operators do not count.
  • Persons who in a special way have promoted or in another way contributed to Gremo´s positive development can become honorary members. They become VIP after special vote from Gremo.
  • The membership remains as long as the member owns at least one Gremo machine as stated above.